She has a soaring voice that mingles our suffering with joy. Her phrasing is always exact as she rides the devotional river.

by Robert Bly, Minnesota’s Poet Laureate


One late winter’s night while driving along the Mississippi River my radio happened upon soulful sounds which spoke from an earlier time in human history directly to the heart of my emotional condition as it was in that moment. As I relaxed into the passionate strains of the dynamic interplay between vocals and instruments, I was struck by the wonderfully inclusive sound quality of this recording… I didn’t want it to stop….. Came to find out, this program was an interview in advance of a CD release concert by Pooja Goswami. I could leave my radio alone; more of this joyful immersion was to come! I was hooked. At the concert (to a packed and enthusiastically animated house), great sonic victories greeted the thankful ears of the open-hearted. Now, as the proud owner of this CD, I am, (how shall I say?), able to experience my gratitude to these inspired artists in my own home. Thanks to Pooja and her musical brothers for these tasteful explorations.

by Guitar Maestro Dean Magraw


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